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Hi. The ARC for my system seems to have stopped working. It was set up by an installer about 6 years ago and I'm a little confused by the setup. Both the TV and the Sony Amp are connected by ethernet to a hub (in a wiring cabinet). Sitting on the back of the TV is a HEX100ARC-RX receiver. The e'net connection from the wiring cabinet comes into that box, and from there into the TV. The HDMI ARC connection also goes from the TV to that box. I am wondering if that box is the problem. Is anyone else set up like this? How did you determine the problem?


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Tricky to fault find that system without tearing it apart and working your way through the individual components to isolate the problem.

Assuming something may have been updated have you tried powering all devices Off at the wall. leave the system Off for a few minutes then power back on again and try ARC.

If that fails to resolve the problem and you have a second ARC enabled RX unit elsewhere in the system try swapping them over and see if the problem remans in that room.


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