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Trouble setting up Belkin wireless router with old ntl:home 120 cable modem


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Hi everyone
My g/f's parents have an old ntl:home 120 broadband modem that is connected to their Win XP PC (also quite old!) via USB. It all works fine but we need to add wireless capability. I've got a basic Belkin 54G wireless router that I'm trying to use but I'm not sure if/how this can be set up.

The 120 modem does have an Ethernet connection on the back, but the PC does not - it only has a USB connection. Is it possible to use this configuration? Or would I have to install a network card into the PC in order for it to work?

I've tried hooking up the router to the Ethernet port on the modem, but to no avail. So basically the config is:

modem---(USB)-----> PC
---------(RJ45)-----> Belkin router

I powered everything off then switched on router, modem then PC and all *appeared* to be working...the "internet" light on the router to lights up, etc and all the modem lights come on OK. However, when I do this, the internet no longer works on the PC.

I have a laptop with wireless which can see the router, however it's not possible to do anything with it. It comes up with the config options when I try and connect, but then it gets stuck and the config fails...

Do I have to do anything with DHCP settings or anything like that, now that the router is connected?

Not sure if that makes much sense, but any ideas/help would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks very much


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You can't use the USB and RJ45 ports at the same time so you will definitely need a network card for the PC.

The good news is that they cost about £3 from any PC component supplier.


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