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I realize this is old technology, but...
I am trying to connect two vcr's so I can tape a vhs to a vhs. I have the tv and one (1)vcr connected via coax. The I connected the 2 audio & 1 video jacks to the (1)vcr in the Video/audio out and the 2nd vcr is the video/audio in. I play the tape on vcr 1 and push record on vcr 2 - and it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? THANKS!


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Probably not selecting the right input on VCR2. That should do it. But you haven't described how you are playing back the copied tape which ma be the issue.

Although strictly unnecessary, may I suggest, so that you can check what's going on while its happening, that you reorganise like this:

Connect one (either, at your preference) VCR to the TV using only an RF (aerial) cable and ensure the TV is tuned in and "seeing" this VCRs output. Check this by playing back a known good tape if necessary. Let's call this VCR A. You will use VCR A to make the recording.

VCR B will be used for playback. The ONLY connections from this VCR will be audio and video OUTPUT going to the audio and video INPUT on VCR A. No other connections (except power) at all.

Now if you set VCR B playing back a known good tape, the only way you'll be able to watch it is via VCR A (follow?) because there's no other route the signal can take to get to the TV.

So now you need to ensure, by selecting the right input on VCR A that you can see the playback of VCR B. Once done, hit "record" on VCR A and away you go.

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