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Didnt know which forum to go for as this is for camcorders and digi cam. I have a canon A70, also a Sony TRV19 camcorder. I have a real small tripod that came with the A70, one that screws in, it also fits the camcorder. I want a big tripod, and Dixons have Verdon (?) ones half price at the moment. They have a x-photo and a x-video. Any idea which one I plump for, Ill want to use it for both, probably 70/30 in favour of the camcorder


I am assuming that the only difference between a camera tripod and a camcorder tripod would be that the latter should have a 'fluid' head for smooth pans and tilts when filming. If you are going to use both stills and video cameras I would certainly go for the video option, since the smooth panning will be useful for video but can be just clamped up for stills.


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and most just have this screw thing on the top right where i screw in the camcorder and camera?


Most tripods should have a removeable plate that screws onto the camera/camcorder and then slots onto the top. Some cheap(er) tripods don't have this and the cam screws directly onto it. IMHO if it does not have the quick remove plate then get another tripod that does as you don't want to miss shots because you can't get the cam off it to point in the right direction.
Another tip is to take the camcorder with you. Put the cam on it on full zoom and watch the LCD screen as you pan & tilt it and see how smoothly it moves. Also how quickly can you lock the position and then free it up again.


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