tripod and portable screens question


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im thinking ahead here as i always planned when i get my own place(few months time) providing i got myself a house with 3 bedrooms and planned the whole layout and one room was going to be a dedicated cinema room, but now im likely to be renting and also getting a flat, id be limited to what i could do, so thinking after looking, maybe improvise and get a tripod or portable and save drilling any holes in various places on the walls :nono:

so my question is, are theses any good? never had a screen nor a projector, so im new to it all :smashin:


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Yes, if you don't have room form a fixed screen or a manual/electric pull down portables work well. I just bought a Da-lite Picture King with High Power fabric (turned into a mess since the changed the fabric without telling anyone) but the unit is well made and comes with may different types of screen fabric. If you are interested in the high power issues you can find a thread I started ad AVS Da-lite Hi Power New or Old what did you get? - AVS Forum

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