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Triple Monitor Setup - How Do I do it?


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Hi There,

I am looking into setting up 3 Monitors on my Packard Bell iXtreme X6620UK machine (iXtreme X6620UK | Packard Bell)

Basically, I am currently running a HP2309v HD Monitor via DVI, and a Technika 24" 1080P LCD TV through VGA... now I also have a spare LG 22" WS2242S monitor going spare, and want to hook this one up too...

Unfortunately my graphics card (GT220 from NVidia) won't support a 3rd monitor, despite having a spare HDMI slot - grrr.

I have looked around, but not sure what im doing, but some places seem to suggest buying a cheap PCI or PCI-E Graphics card, and installing that, and plugging my spare monitor into that - will this work? Anyone have any suggestions?

Hope someone can help,

Kind Regards


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Thanks very much for your post...

I forgot to mention, im also on a tight budget :(

Is there a more cheaper way of getting 3 screens set up?



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ATI Eyefinity.


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If the motherboard has a spare PCI slot then you could install a second (cheap) GPU which will do the trick. Thats how I had my system setup.


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Ah, brilliant - is it easy to do?

Does anyone know of any online tutorials, or youtube videos? I had a look, but struggled to find one!

Thanks again,



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i use 3 monitors and and amp on mine. just add a cheap second card to enable you to use more monitors. you can get a geeforce 210 for about £30. then just add the monitors up and away you go. here is a pic of mine bellow. if you get any problems feel free to pm me



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likely sorted this out by now, but you can get a usb - vga adaptor as im looking into a triple setup, but when i was browsing, the adaptor was only advised if you tend to use it for normal office/home type use and not specificly for harder usage like gaming etc.. which is fine for me as im after a gaming pc with full hd monitor, but if you tend to play lots of games on your current pc then best getting a better card :smashin:


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i had this trouble in the summer and spent a long time looking for something and i bought a ATI Radeon 4850X2 which lets me have 3 x 22" LG M228WD and also a 40" Samsung LED tv all plugged into the one graphics card.

hope this helps

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