Tried soundbar (cutouts) - need AVR recommendation with wireless surround/sub

I really hope someone can help - I've upgraded my TV to the Samsung Q90T and plan to get the XBox Series X to replace my Xbox One X.

Current setup is XBox One X >> Hue Sync >> XXXXXX >> Q90T

Where XXXX = I've tried soundbars:
Samsung Q950T - great with eARC but crap for sound in room with 20' ceilings - while Atmos filled the room, was way to tinny and not enough sub
Nakamichi Ultra 9.2 - great sound but no eARC. ARC requires XBox go to Soundbar to avoid lipsync issues which loses VRR/HDMI 2.1 abilities

I'm looking at returning the Samsung Q950T as the Nakamichi is just better sound.

I'm hoping the Klipsch Cinema 1200 will come and be best of both sides and still provide the sound fill in the room.

But I have one more issue - audio drops with Atmos enabled. This will likely happen with the Klipsch as well due to the Atmos MAT buffer issue.

That said - is there a "next gen" AVR like the ones from Yamaha or Denon that support the XSX features with the ability to add wireless surround and subwoofer that would allow me to get best from all worlds?

I obviously have approx $1500 to work with if I return the sound bars. My old receiver is gone, but my old speakers are decent Athena bookshelf about ten years old.

I'd love to get a solution of receiver but also have wireless surrounds that are Atmos capable (upfire is fine, but SRS-like tech like Nakamichi offers works too)

OR - should I stick with the Nakamichi (or Klipsch) and get the HDFury Arcadia to split off the audio, allowing the HDMI 2.1 to go to the TV and have the TV's audio think it's plugged into an eARC device going to the soundbar?

Hell, will the Arcadia do what I'm expecting (it's slotted to go to non-eARC TV, where my issue is that I have an eARC TV, but my audio is ARC)

Thank you!


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For the next gen AVR's supporting X-Box Series X features, you should read this thread as it will apply to you --> 2.1 HDMI bug

It seems you have wireless speakers for surrounds and maybe they can double up as Atmos, How do they connect? Is it a universal sender which then plugs into the AVR via RCA or speaker cable? If so these might be salvageable depending upon what they are and the AVR you purchase

Also how big is your room as you mention a 20' ceiling which is quite large (in the UK, ceilings are around 8' high). Usually a tinny sound within a large room is basically because the woofer isn't sufficient to fill it plus the lack of soft furnishing could also be exacerbating it by creating an echo thus making it more tinny

So, in order to help everyone help you, please supply your room dimensions, maybe a photo or two so others can get a feel for the room to help you resolve the tinny sound aspect. Whether you wish to use a soundbar option with Atmos or a dedicated 5.1 amp with Atmos plus what other electronics you will be connecting the amp (turntable, satellite decoder, cd player, speakers, etc...). If you do it as a list, this will enable others to be more helpful :)
Right now I have nothing but soundbar with wireless surrounds that I'm likely going to return if I can get decent replacement

The room is 20' x 20' with 20' ceilings

I'm not happy with the bar... Nakamachi Ultra 9.2 due to the fact it doesn't have eARC but also the audio drops. I'd be better if I got the Arcana or Sharc but I can't imagine paying thousands for something that doesn't work out of the box... Hence looking at a receiver made for Xbox Series X that would split the audio or at least carry 2.1 successfully and use eARC. But it also needs to use wireless subs and surround like the sound bar (or recommendations for wireless speakers, or wireless adapters to make speakers I have work.

I have a clean slate if I return it... Just the new Samsung Q90T and the Xbox one X (planning to get Series X) and around $1500 after returning bar

I basically want options for an XBox Series X audio setup that can replace the Nakamachi 9.2.4 Ultra without the headaches it has.

Please note I am also using Hue Sync Box

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