Triax HD Modulator IR not working with 8 way Amplifier


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Recently installed a Triax HD modulator MOD103 TRIAX - MOD103T HDMI to COFDM Modulator - 300128 to send HDMI signals around the house through an 8 way woolsey IR pass thru amp.( IR magic eyes all working fine before I did this.)
Im getting perfect picture and sound through DTV for sky, but magic eyes no longer work? Their indicator light is on so they are getting power ok.
I disconnected everything and put it back to analogue / RF2 and while picture and sound is ok, magic eyes no longer work? Restarted amp and they worked...
So reconnected HD mod again and restarted Amp but no magic eyes working? For completeness returned to original analogue rf2 setup again and now no magic eyes that way either?
Any ideas guys?


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hi,im buying an Edison HD modulator quad lite which accepts 4 HD inputs but what is confusing is that it says it has 2 rf outputs,i have to send to 11 tv's and have the choice of the 4 decoders on any one of the tv's independantly.Does anybody know if im misreading that it only sends 2 freq at one time instead of 4?
If anybody has any experience of this model, PLEASE ADVISE!!


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great product i fitted loads of these this year a common mistake is have turned the rf2 on as it comes as turned off when take it out box

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