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Reviewed by Ed Selley, 24th August 2012. For anybody who does most of their listening from a computer and who can budget for a USB DAC this is a sublime listen.
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I am considering purchasing the Color 123 as I'm looking for a good 2.1 speakers for PC.
There are RCA and mini jack output at the rear of the sub, which one is the best (if there is a difference) ?
Seems that a RCA or mini jack cable is not provided so I'll need to buy one. Which one did you use for your testing (brand, model...) ?
By the way, is a Asus Essence STX soundcard good enough to use the full potential of these speakers ? Does using a DAC Magic Plus a uge improvement over the STX ?
Last question : does anybody know how the Color 132 would compete against the Focal XS ?
Thank you in advance.
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