Triangle Borea BR08 Floorstanding Speaker Review & Comments


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Do these speakers come with bi-wire terminals?
I couldn't see any reference to that in your review. Unless I missed it.


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@DB9S - quote from review "Connection is via a single pair of reasonably solid speaker terminals mounted at the foot of the cabinet for neatness."

So does not look like it.


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@DB9S any reason why you want biwire posts, in my experience so long as you use a wire of 13AWG/ cross section and it is OFC bi-wiring adds nothing to the sound. Bi-amping may add a little but it is marginal at normal listening levels and very amp/speaker dependent.
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I'm currently looking for some new speakers to upgrade from my q3050s for my 40th, and these are one of many on my list, so thanks for the review.

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Great review. I really like the idea of a wooden finish. It's not that easy to merge wood with modern audio design, but in this case, the matching is flawless.


Did you have a chance to listen Borea BR08 / BR07 compared to Dali Oberon 7 / Oberon 5 and what is your opinion on these?
I am currently looking for new speakers and these are on my shortlist.

Thank you for good review.


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Nice review. Clearly an accomplished speaker. Baffled as to why some might call it a 3.5-way design rather than a 3-way design though.


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Have just ordered myself a pair. Love the design of these. Hope they sound as good as you say. Great review.

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