Trial Sky Movies For 3 Months!!!!!


I was wondering if SKY still did this, whilst I was on analogue a couple of times and was offered the movie channels half price for 3 months, then when I went on digital I was offered it shortly afterward but as I was expecting to have a faulty box replaced I had to turn them down. I was contacted later but with the offer of a trial period for 3 months at full price, which was not as nice as the half price but I accepted it. This was about 2 years ago, since then I have had any offers, have SKY stopped doing it?


I'm seeing a trend. If you're not home to answer the phone during the day, then you don't get any deals from Sky. :(


I work from home throughout the day and have found it impossible NOT to have Sky phone at least twice a week with various offers.

ALL of these phone calls are made after 9am and before 5pm during week days only.

That said, all the best stuff is on in the evening so Sky probably wouldn't be thanked for phoning during good shows/films :)


Yeah, it seems like nearly everytime I stay home I get a call from Sky asking me to upgrade to Sky World, or warning me that my digibox is out of warranty and could explode at any minute.

I don't stay home that often, so they must call a lot.


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If you register with the telephone preference service, most of these nuisance calls stop.

Even though you are a customer of sky they cannot call you for offers and and other sales pitches withour your prior consent.

We used to be plagued with double glazing cold calls, and kitchens, always in the middle of our evening meal.
This stopped it all afew years ago

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