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Oct 5, 2003
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Hi all

Could someone tell me why do plasma screens have to be transported vertically? I mean in a standing position and not to be laid down on their sides?

Thank you

The weight of the glass means that the they break fairly easily if laid flat. Let me know if you want to see a picture of the resulting mess. We have several at work.
i`d like to see one please rather interisting
Hypothetical question to those in the know:

If a screen has been delivered by a bunch of idiots who didn't know better and laid it flat, but shows no sign of damage at point of receipt, is it going to be ok or could problems develop later on?
As far as I know, there is nothing in the actual display that gets damaged except, in extreme circumstances, the glass as I mentioned above. What you may see are stress lines in the plastic front screen. If you have ever bent a piece of plastic you normally see lots of very fine lines as it breaks up internally before finally cracking. I have seen several plasma screens with these stress lines as a result of being transported incorrectly. They are most visible when you view the screen from a very shallow angle with a bright light shining on the screen so you can see the reflection of the light in the screen. The only fix is a new front screen and they aren't cheap.

If I get time I'll post a pic of a smashed one tomorrow.
The glass breaks up into little fragments a bit like a car window, but grey, and sits in a horrible pile behind the plastic front screen. It's a very sorry sight. Do you have transport trouble, emad? You are getting a 50" I believe, you need a van/4x4 to fit one in upright. Though maybe something like a Subaru Legacy with a high roof line might do it. I had a customer who took away a Pioneer 50"mxe in his BMW 3 series saloon once, he got away with it, but I worried till he called to say it was wonderful.
Yes Martin

I am expecting it to be delivered Friday. I bought it from QED - if you remember the infamous QED thread - and I do not trust their transport.

I suppose I will just have to wait and inspect the plasma before signing for it!


Yes, you need just a knife to cut the plastic bands for Pioneer, and the box then lifts off leaving the screen standing in a tray, on polystyrene blocks. 2 minutes, no more. You've had that on order for a while then! It is a 50" isnt it? They are mad. ANY warranty issues and they will be bankrupt. Sensible businesses don't take risks like that. In the end it's not good for the customers either. I see they do not list the 504hde any more. Just the 503MXE at a high price.
Well, I will call their courier company and let them know of the Plasma transportation issues! I hope they'd understand, because I know for sure these are a bunch of people who are used to transporting fridges, hobs and TVs at best!

But I will inspect the plasma on arrival and just hope for the best.

Thanks Martin

When I bought a Hitachi 4121 about 18 months ago the instructions told me to place it flat in order to fit the connection unit. I was surprised but did as they said and have had no problems. Didn't dare do it with my Fuji 50" though!
Stephen, there's no problem laying a plasma flat - it's only a problem to then transport them flat.

emad, when I got my plasma the retailer told me how it would be packaged, how to quickly open it up and what to look for regarding signs of damage. The driver looked a little agitated when I started opening it up, but I said "Sorry mate, it's 3 grands worth of delicate electronics - it'll take me two minutes to check and then I'll be happy to sign for it."

Thank you Liam

So what did your retailer tell you to look out for; aside from the obvious (broken glass).


Physical damage is all you can do while he stands there. There is a shock indicator on the box, that's 1st, then open up and have a look at the glass. I saw one which had a long crack in it once, which then grew and eventually it all shattered. It's very rare, they are not as delicate as people think, but they sure are expensive....
And always sign for it as UNCHECKED....
Thank you Martin & Liam

Martin, what do you mean by a shock indicator?

Also can someone tell from the code on the box if it is a UK model or an import.

Thank you

A shock or tilt indicator may be stuck on the side of the box. They vary in complexity, but change colour if the box is tilted. (sometimes by as little as 15 degrees)
If so open the carton & check the contents before accepting it.

Cheers BKATZ

I do intend to check it out. I might offer the delivery guys a tenner or so for their extra time.

£10 can save me a lot of hassle and they will be willing to wait for me to open the box and check it thoroughly before they leave.

Assuming they turn up after all!!

Any idea about the Pioneer UK code, is it different from imports.


Pioneers have a shockwatch but no tilt indicator, a quick glance will tell you all you need to know. If it shows red, all is not lost, it's not likely it'll be damaged.

Where it's assembled has nowt to do with origins, I'll see what I can find out before tomorrow.
The 3 in my store say shock, and that's what they are. Perhaps pioneer just stick on a thingy at random from a box. Nothing would surprise me!
BKATZ It is made in the UK :clap: Excellent
Don't cheer yet, but it's highly likely to be uk stock, there's not much mileage in importing Pioneer, and in any case, as long as it's a EU country it makes absolutely no difference, they are obliged to honour the warranty.
I agree with Liam. I have my own law firm and never accept anything without checking the form and amending as necessary. Even if you check the item delivered thoroughly at the time you can still get caught out. That will be £200 please!!!!!

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