Transporting a 506xde tommw


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after being told a delivery date next week that's inconvenient, i've decided to pick up the plasma tommw am and take it home in my car. I have a choice of two cars to use. an N-reg mitsubishi space wagon or a brand new vauxhall zafira.

all would have been fine if i could lay the box flat but as this appears not to be an option, the 506xde box will have to be on its side, which presents dimensional problems. the box is 89cm high, 132cm long and 46cm deep for reference.

the aperture on my space wagon is 86cm high, the aperture on the zafira is 79cm. the zafira interior however then raises significantly inside the car, whereas the space wagon raises slightly.

i suppose my question is " is it the end of the world if the plasma is on a slight tilt with someone holding it in the back for a 8-mile car journey.

cheers, Luke


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I think so but can't check the space wagon at the moment. the zafira at it's highest inside is 91.5cm and its width is 127cm so feasibly, i could put the plasma into the side door on a slight angle and swing it round so that the box is upright but pointing around 45 degrees on the flat floor, rather than lining up longitudinally or transversely - the zafira's roof slopes like a good'un towards the rear...

thanks by the way.


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Or will it fit on the back seat? Then you could use the seat belts to hold it there....

Just read the width of the box and the car..Ooops.

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