Transparent Velodyne SPL-8... Cool!


uncle eric

Yep, I can get these but they are a mad price. If you noticed, Velodyne witheld their price on the US website. And for good reason. Its £2000 over here.
Looks nice but HGS-15 murders it stone dead at a cheaper price.
I may sound nuts but I only do power-buys on things I percieve as very high performance for the money. I won't do P.Buys on stuff that I wouldn't buy myself.
There is a reason why I have not included Velodynes SPL range.
The only way this thing is going to put out reasonable db's is with a large amp.
A small driver in a small box using a massive amp just doesn't do it for me. I've never liked small subs with big pretensions. They try to hard and nearly always fail.
As many know the easiest way to get killer bass is with a large enclosure, big driver and hefty amplification.
The only tiny sub I've heard that I truly like is the Gallo's MPS-150 with its 150 watt amo, carefully set up, this is a little gem.


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