Transmit NTL signal from room to room


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Hi all,

I have a Sony tv and a Sony DAV S888 cinema kit with NTL cable television service.
I want to watch the TV in the bedroom as well as the front room and was considering buying a wireless TV transmitter / receiver.
Looking on e-bay i see a phillips wireless system for sale but a bidder is asking will it send NTL / Telewest signal and apparently this philips system cant do it. My Sony store tell me its because the signal is not RF and therefore cant be done.
CAn it be done and how please ?


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Not answering your question, but I have a Phillips sender thing, works OK with Sky. Basically it has a pass-through SCART plug that you put between the box and the TV and it gets the picture information through that.
Only downsides is there is often tons of interference, the power supply buzzes and every now and then, someone else manages to hijack the remote control signal and start changing channels on my telly.


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You need to buy a Digi-Sender. Don't quite know why you are asking this question here but I believe sell them. If you can't find one let me know and I'll find one for you.


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The best place I can find for this question is Cables & Interconnects. Seems more relevant than RPTVs. So, moving.....
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