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    Hi again,

    Told you I'd have a bunch of problems.

    Here's something I didn't expect to encounter...

    I'm attemting a transition effect in Premier 6, and at the risk of sounding like king geek, it's a kind of star trek transporter style thing - um, just for the practice and experience you understand..ahem :blush:

    I think first I'd better explain whats going on in my layers...


    top layer : shimmery effect .bmp (just for test purposes) with an image matte in transparancy - matte is an animated .flc file, - the black is definately black btw :)

    2nd layer : footage of room without actor

    transition : cross disolve

    3rd layer : footage of room with actor


    here's the problem, when it gets to the beginning of the 'room with actor' footage (at the same time as the transition...natch) i get a couple of frames worth of the shimmery effect at what looks to be around 40% opacity as the two pieces of footage disolve. The result of which it that I get a kind of flash as it hits the footage. Not what I'm after :(

    any ideas O Enlightened Ones ???

    thanks again for all and any help,


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