Transformers: War for Cybertron - Play & Help Thread


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Can't believe there isn't a thread for this! :eek:

Anyone else picked it up? Loving it so far...about time a decent TF game was knocked out but then UT wrapped in a TF skin with CoD perks was always gonna work.....anyways, anyone who is up for some multiplayer/Escalation/co-op etc send me an invite :smashin:


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Im renting this on the back of you and Edz raving about it.. I should get it from lovefilm in the next day or so.. will look forward to some 3 player co-ops. :thumbsup:


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Played my mates copy the other day and loved it. I picked it up yesterday but not had chance to play it myself yet.

Autobots roll out!!!!!



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is this actually out then looks good but cant find it for sale :confused:

edit scrap that just found it looks good might be next months purchase :)
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I'm up to start of level 8 on this and am absolutely loving it.

Without spoiling it for any one, the first half of the campaign mode (Decepticon) features some cracking level design and visuals. Some of the boss battles are pretty impressive too!

From my first couple of levels on the Autobot campaign, it seems to be even better than the first half of the game.

The medium difficulty level is pitched just right. It provides a challenge, but doesn't frustrate (not yet anyway!) as there are loads of auto-save checkpoints along the way.

It's maybe not quite the Transformers equivalent of Batman Arkham Asylum, but not far off. I'd recommend this to any TF fan! It's certainly the best TF game that I've played (including the mid 90s Atari PS2 one, which was pretty good too!)

The only downside seems to be the online servers have the odd crash, but it's early days and hopefully the devs will sort this out in time!


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Just ordered, should get it around monday or tuesday.

Will be up for some online carnage, if you lot want to add me :smashin: PygoShlee



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Has anyone noticed the lack of players online? The game is telling me that there is only 1700-2000 players online during US evening times, but I have played around at various times of the day and still do not break that amount. What is going on? I used to see more people on Resistance 2!


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Yeah, there doesnt seem to be a huge amount of people playing unfortunately, and 2 mates of mine got this yesterday adn we cant connect to party up in multiplayer, or even campaign, bit of a pain in the arse.



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I watched a little clip for an upcoming Add-On pack due out pretty soon. There will be some more multiplayer maps added, although I am not sure if single player will get a campaign.
I'm befuddled as to why they would release it when this game doesn't have a following. Hopefully this will add a couple thousand to the online play as I would like to dust this title off and play it again.


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So no1 else talking about this game?? Have 2 say after gettin it from in the sale I'm loving it. alright multiplier is a bit crap but only 2 find the game once init no probs and enjoyable

Also which dlc have people got and are they worth it??

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