transformer noise ? on plasma relisys RP42AB30


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Hi there just took delivery of my relisys 42" plasma RP42AB30 model tv been trying all different inputs on it ie tv/dvd/xbox ntl very impressed by its picture etc.Early days before i give it a full review but what concerns me is i get a high frequency emiting noise from rear of tv sounds similar to say a lighting dimmer switch if you get too close it is noticable and driving me nuts ive spoke to relisys techie whom says this is normal is it do other plasmas omit this same noise ? if say i just had tv speakers on quiet parts it is very noticeable have i to return it for another or try and get use to it ?


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Transformers do tend to buzz but if it's overly loud, take it back and get a replacement to see if that's any better.

It could be that somethings loose and it's vibrating.


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:eek: aye going to ring them tomorrow ive spoke to someone who got same tv today his is ok no buzzing at all

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