Transferring Windows 7 to SSD and then Removing from HDD??? Help


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Hi Y'all,

I'm in the process of buying a new computer, the new computer has Windows 7 pro already loaded. I already own a Crucial M500 ssd with bracket. I want to put windows onto the SSD and then wipe the HDD to use for storage, what are my best options?

Please note, i'm barely tech savvy so the easiest, less risky option is always preferred.

Thanks for your help in advance,



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I'd actually have suggested EaseUS's "Disk Copy Home" (still a freebie) to clone the old disk onto the new disk, you can then disconnect the old disk and connect the new SSD in its place, fire up the PC and make sure it boots and you're happy, and after that connect up the original disk as a secondary disk which you can then wipe at leisure.
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