Transferring / ripping BDR discs from Panasonic recorder to PC


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I have made a previous post about whether there is a maximum recommended number of titles when transferring material from a Panasonic blu ray recorder onto BDR discs.
My second question is about transferring / ripping these recorded discs onto my Windows 10 computer.

I discovered that if I use the Red Fox Any DVD HD program that all Panasonic recorded BDR discs will read on my PC including ones recorded on ITV / Ch4 HD and Ch5 HD which would normally not be readable due to copyright.

I can then open up the blu ray drive on my Windows PC and there are 2 folders - ANY! and BDAV. In the BDAV folder, there are 3 further folders which are CLIPINf, PLAYLIST and STREAM.
If I open up the STREAM folder, all of the titles on the disc are in here. I can copy the titles from this folder onto my PC and the files play back using Pot Player with no problems.
However, the one downside is that I have to go and rename all of the files as they are just number 001, 002, 003 etc. This is no problem if there are only a few files but I have a few discs with over 100 titles on them so it is very time consuming to rename all the files!
Before I start naming the files on the PC, is there any known way of just ripping the whole BDR disc including titles to the PC so they are just ready to play with all titles already named? I would need to use the Any DVD HD program in order for the PC to read the disc but not sure about ripping programs.

I can make a straight copy of the disc (including titles) using Nero Disc Copy (as long as Red Fox Any DVD HD has been first enabled to read the disc). However, I am looking to put everything onto 1 hard drive so would be great if there was a way to copy the BDR disc including titles onto my hard drive.
If anyone has any knowledge of this then any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
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Use MakeMKV to read the disc combined with AnyDVD-HD.

It will extract video streams from the disc as .mkv files, it depends though on the structure of the disc and how it recorded the video, for example if makemkv only sees one giant long stream there is nothing you can do other than extract and edit the video in another tool to break it into episodes.

If you need a tool to edit the mkv without converting the video this solveigmm video splitter should do it.


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Hi, many thanks for your reply and sorry for delay in my reply as I have been away last few days.
That's really useful re Make MKV. I tried this a long time ago and didn't get anywhere. However, I have just downloaded the latest version and it does indeed now read the BD-R discs in conjunction with Red Fox. Annoyingly there are * on some of the titles on the blu ray discs and, of course, Windows doesn't allow * in files so when ripped the titles are shortened but still much better than I could get before and will save me a lot of time.
Useful to know about Solveigmm also - I will investigate this in case needeed.
Thanks again for your reply - really useful information and very much appreciated

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