Transferring recorded programs from Sky+ to Sky HD box


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Anyone know any good ways of doing this?

My Sky+ box has around 40GB of programs I want to keep, but Sky have no solution for when you upgrade, other than to keep both boxes. This is a pain because there is no way of giving each of the Sky boxes unique ID's for the remote controls - hence power 1 off, they both go off etc,...

Anyone know if this can be resolved by:

Removing the hard disk and cloning using Norton Ghost?
Anything else.

The drive in the Sky+ box is only 120gb so not large enough for HD



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Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, you've posted your question in the non-Sky forum. The mods will move it to the Sky section, soon.
"No Sky-related Threads in here ..."


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I don't have Sky+ or Sky-HD but the only solution I know of is to record your programmes onto DVD or VCR before you pair your card with the HD box.
There is a piece of software called copy+ see here

This will do what you want on ordinary Sky+ boxes subject to certain compatibility factors (there are two types of filing system on the Sky boxes and you cannot swap from one to the other - in your case if your Sky+ is a Pace BSB3000 (PVR1) or an Amstrad DRX180 or DRX280 (PVR2 or PVR3) you may be in luck). Try emailing the author at the contact details on that site.

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