Transferring option files via USB stick to PS3


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I've asked this on another thread but havent got a definite answer to it. How would I transfer PS2 option files and saves from USB stick to the PS3? I have the following option file(s) which I want to use for a PS2 game on the PS3;8266969;;/fileinfo.html

Do I need to keep the save file on a specific directory on the USB stick for it to recognise it? I tried the zip version (extracted of course) and pressed triangle when going through XMB -> Internal Memory Card -> USB Stick but the only option it gave me was 'Information'

Can someone explain step by step what I need to do please?

Many thanks in advance

Schumi 01

Try this

1. Unzip your folders, open the folder all the way till you see something like this BESLES-54203504553364F5054.PSV

2. Put your USB/Memory Stick into your PC.

3. On your memory stick create the following folder paths in the device: PS3\EXPORT\PSV.

4. Put the PS3 gamesave called BESLES-54203504553364F5054.PSV into the folder called PSV.

5. Boot up PS3, insert your USB memory Stick

6. Go to your internal memory card, look for your USB Memory Stick, open that click on game save and transfer it across to your internal memory card.

Hope that is all clear for you.


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yes it did - worked a treat - gracias once again..

do all save files or option files need to be under that directory structure?
is there a guide as to what directories to create for other media files - mp3, video, pictures etc - would be handy to know


Schumi 01

Yes all save files, and option files need to be under that directory, about the rest, sorry i do not know, but what i would try is if you already got a some music or a picture etc etc on your ps3, just copy them across to your memory stick, then pop your memory stick into the pc and just see if it has created new files?


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Music - Create a folder called MUSIC
Video's - Create a folder called VIDEO
Photo's - Create a folder called PHOTO

That's the basic structure I believe

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