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Transferring JPEG to HDD DMRE100

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by timetraveller, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. timetraveller

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    Jan 11, 2004
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    I hope that someone can help me on this as the Panasonic manual is not very clear. I want to transfer my digital photos onto my Panasonic DMRE100 DVD recorder. I have an Olympus camera which uses the XD format card, not compatible for directly plugging into the Panny. I also have a multi slot card reader/writer that I use for taking the pictures from my card and putting on to the computer. I bought a 256K SD card which is compatible with the Panny and copied them to the card, slotted it into the machine and hey presto! nothing but an error message "No Folder". After a little studying I determined that that card had to have a master folder named DCIM and after creating it and placing the photos in there I could view them on the TV. Great, now to copy them to the HDD. No problems there, my folder entitled Dominican Republic came up and all the photos were there. My next thought was to put them onto a DVD RAM disk and that way transfer them "en masse" as opposed to 256KB at a time.
    I put a DVD RAM disk into the computer, made a folder DCIM and copied the pics. So far so good. Put the disk into the Panny and error message said no files. Further study of the manual showed that the folder structure to be nested and that the main folder to be JPEG with the DCIM folder inside that. I made the necessary adjustments but I am still receiving the error message.
    I have formatted the disk on the computer and on the panny without any luck. Can anyone shed some light on this please.
    The only difference I can see when formatting the disk on the Panny is that it places a folder DVD_RTAV on the disk and inside that two more folders, VR_MANGR.BUP & VR_MANGR.IFO. Does anyone have any ideas?

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