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Dr Nick Riviera

Hi there
Can anyone help me with this, as I am stuck. I have managed to copy to my MD some live mixes done by a DJ friend of mine direct from her mixer, and want to be able to get these recordings onto my PC in order to burn CDs for her.
I have been lent the Sony PC connection kit and was wondering if anyone could advise me on how to proceed. Although the MD recorder is not one of the Sony NetMD machines, is it still possible to copy the recording to my HD?
I have a Sony PC which already comes pre-installed with the SonicStage software for doing just this, but I am not sure whether it will work seeing as the MD is not one of the special NetMD models. I assume that upon plugging into the USB port the Sonicstage software will recognise it as a "storage medium" and just let me extract from it? Or is this impossible unless it's a NetMD model?
Can anyone explain how to achieve this - or indeed suggest another way of getting the output from her mixer onto a PC for burning to CD?
Thanks very much

Not familiar with the MD/NetMD software however, if you've got a soundcard with S/PDIF in then you could connect the digital output of the MD player ( if it has one ) and capture the bitstream as you play the MD. Alternatively use the line/headphone out connected to the line-in on the PC but this won't be as good.


Thanks for replying. My friend's PC is a very low end machine, so I would think it's unlikely to have S/PDIF input.

The only other lead I have with my MD is one that goes from the Headphone jack of the MD and terminates in standard Audio In leads (red and white) for connection to an Amp for playback.

Anything else I can try?

If it's got a line input/mic input you could connect the headphone output from the MD player to that - you'd probably need an adapter as the input will probably be another 3.5mm plug.



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