Transferring external mp3 files to iPhone without using iTunes


I have a shed load of mp3 audio files on my PC which I want to transfer to my Iphone 12 Pro (128gb). I want to copy the files to the local storage on my iPhone so that they can be used offline without an internet connection. I do NOT want to use (install) iTunes on my PC.

Am i right in thinking that the best way to do this is to copy the files to Google Drive from my PC and then use the Google Drive app on my Iphone to copy the files locally to 'on my iphone' location, creating a new directory? The other way to do this would be to use icloud (instead of google drive) but I only have the free 5gb storage plan on icloud whereas I have a paid 100gb storage plan on Google drive.



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That should work. I’ve just run through that with some music files I have in OneDrive and it allowed me to do it.


If I try to copy a folder from Google Drive to 'on my iphone' the folder is able to be pasted but remains greyed out and nothing is copied over. Space on iphone and internet speeds (1 Gb/s) are both fine. But i can copy individual mp3 files over but its not very practical to do this file by file. Any suggestions? I will try icloud later on.

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