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Transferring DV Footage To Laptop

Discussion in 'Camcorders, Action Cams & Video Making Forum' started by lurcher, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. lurcher

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    May 15, 2003
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    Used to have Panasonic DX100 DV camcorder and always had no probs capturing scenes to previous laptop running ME using Movie Factory.
    Well a couple of weeks ago I got the bug again and bought a Panasonic GS 120 . Not shot any footage yet tho yesterday I put a 5 year old tape in the machine and captured it to the laptop ( now higher spec xp ), used Windows Movie Maker.
    The results were not as I had got before, although the picture quality was fine some scenes froze and other seemed to speed up.
    Could this be the result of useing a tape made on a different cam to the replay machine or the limitations of the supplied programme. ?
    Trying to find my Movie factory programme , will it need updating it was the first release or is there any other capture/editing programmes that are deemed more reliable with XP ?


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