Transferring current phone number to Vodafone



First time poster here. Be kind :hiya:

I ordred a new phone from Vodafone on friday, which arrived today. I wanted to keep my number that I have on O2, but the Vodafone telesales people are telling me that I should have told them that from the start and provided a PAC code.

I now have this code, but Vodafone say it's too late and that I am stuck with the new number they created for the account. I don't want to have to contact everybody I know to tell them I have a new number if I don't need to. Has anybody that has transferred their number to Vodafone got any tips for me? I am rapidly losing my patience with their customer service line too (going through numerous menus and getting cut off, etc).

Is there anything I can do to sort this mess out? I don't really want to cancel the phone and order a new one as I have it now. Why does everything have to be so complicated?

Can anybody help please?


I never had that problem!! When I got my phone I didn't have a PAC code, they just told me I would need to get it and tell them, which I duly did without any problems! How long was it between getting your phone and ringing them with the PAC code??

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