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Hi guys,

I got a Zyxel NSA310 about a year ago and since then have filled the 500gb hard drive. I've since purchased a 1.5tb hard drive to give me more space. I know how to physically swap the hard drives over however what is the best way to transfer the data over to the new hard drive. Is it as simple as connecting the old hard drive from the Nas into my PC and copying the files over?

Any help would be appreciated!!


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The filesystem on the drive from the NAS is most likely a linux one like ext3 which your PC wont read, if it's fat32 then yes the PC will read it.

If it's ext2 or ext3 the easiest/safest thing to do is download Ubuntu, install to USB pen drive then boot from USB pen drive and select Ubuntu Live, copy the contents from the HDD to your internal PC drive. Another option is Linux Live this actually installs the Ubuntu OS to a USB pen drive, if for some reason the Live environment (which is meant as a demo) doesn't work out for you.


If you have the technical chops you could connect both the old drive and the new drive to your PC. then use a cloning program to clone the old drive to your new drive. This will probably warn about non std filing system but should work. However it may not expand the partition to fill the disk, only someone who has used thsi method would know, and it might depend on the program used to do the cloning.


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I would install a free Ext 2 or 3 reader software to your PC. Connect the drive you want the files from and copy to your PC. Once there, transfer the files accross to your waiting empty NAS drive.

Takes a bit longer but its reasonably safe


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Finally got round to try this tonight and have had mega problems and looking for some more help.
I initially tried using ext2explorer however this wouldn't find any drives.
I decided to go down the linux root instead, linux recognises both my C: drive and my drive taken from the nas with all the content I want to transfer over, however it only lets me access the filesystem part of this drive which is only 500mb out of 500gb. When I view it in the disk utility it shows the drive as having 2 partitions, however I dont appear to be able to access the 2nd partition with all my media on it.
The first partition shows as an ext2 filesystem however the 2nd partition says its an unknown file system, and has no options to mount the drive. It may be something simple I am missing as I'm not all that familiar with linux but any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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You could put old drive into a USB caddie and connect it to the NSA310 USB port and copy via the webgui interface or below shows how I did mine, note your filesystem might be ext2 or 3 not reiserfs

How I did mine:
Placed one of my 1TB drive from my old NSA 220 into USB3.0 caddy and connected to new NSA325 USB3 port
Telnet to NSA325 –after enabling it via the webadmin gui

Mount USB drive - my filesystem was reiser FS
mount -t reiserfs -o ro /dev/sdc2 /mnt/mountpoint

Copy photo share from USB drive to new NAS drive
    cd /mnt/mountpoint/photo
    cp -a * /i-data/md0/photo/ >/i-data/md0/photo/logfile.txt 2>&1 &

Copy video share from USB drive to new NAS drive
    cd /mnt/mountpoint/video
    cp -a * /i-data/md0/video/ >/i-data/md0/video/logfile.txt 2>&1 &

Copy music share from USB drive to new NAS drive
    cd /mnt/mountpoint/music
    cp -a * /i-data/md0/music/ >/i-data/md0/music/logfile.txt 2>&1 &

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