Transfering vom PC to E50 via DVD-RAM



I try to do the following:

Author a DVD using NeroDVDPlus, my LG 4081B and a DVD-RAM
Result: Burned DVD-RAM looking OK to me

I try to use this DVD-RAM on my Panasonic E50, but the E50 tells me: This disc is unformated
I tried to format the disc on the E50: Result: E50 can't format the disc.

I tried the option DVD-Video and DVD+VR, neither worked. According to the online-help there should also be an option DVD-VR, but it's not in my options-menu.

The DVD-RAM is labeled Maxell DVD-RAM *DATA*

Is there a guide anywhere (which I did not find till now)?
Will it work with a DVD-RAM for *video*?
Shall I use another software? Which one?

I found a lot of "Transferring from E50 to PC", but I want to do it the other way round. Thanks for your help!

DVD-RAMs will only work in the E50 in '-VR' mode (if it sees anything else then it says it's unformatted). You can get applications that will let you record in this - MovieFactory 3 for example - but these are expensive (around $100). If that isn't too much cash for you then that programme will do what you want. If it is I suggest copying the video you want to play on your E50 to a DVD-R. You can then using virtually any authoring software.
Can I use a DVD-RW also?
There have been some compatibility issues with the E50 and DVD-RW so you'll have to try it and find out. But you should be able to record to a DVD-RW and playback on the E50 provided you use 'Video Mode', i.e. author to the disk as if it were a DVD-R..
Mornin' all,

You may want to take a trip over to

Look for a pinnacle thread regarding dvd moviealbum se, this thingumawotsit, (that's a technical term), will allow you to take certain video files created/edited on the PC and put them on a RAM disk in the required format.

The last time I looked there where problems in that the software wanted more than just the video and audio before multiplexing the mpeg file into a format pannys can understand.

Anyhoo, go over and take a look.


OK, I tried Movie Factory 3 (30 days trial) an it worked with DVD-RAM (Thank you again)

BUT - Setting up Movie Factory 3 I deceided to use PAL, not NTSC (I'm located in Europe). When I author a DVD, Movie Factory 3 is offering me various quality settings, all DVD-PAL (OK so far). But under DVD-VR, only DVD-NTSC-Settings are availible.

So currently my Videos (25fps) are upsampled to (29.something fps), and my E50 is downsampling them to 25fps again???

Any workaround?
I ahve done an experiment. I made some VOB files from a RAM recording using DVD Author. I wanted to see if it worked the other way round. I have managed to get the VOB file to DVD RAM and played in an E50.

Once you have created the VOB files they need to be joined into one big VOB. DVD Lab will do that. The overall file size needs to be a max of 4GB.

Then using other software, I created a mpeg file from the VOB. I used the stream converter in MPG2VCR.

Then using Ulead VideoStudio (MovieFactory 3 will also do), it a has DVD VR recording wizard. This will then create VRO files from the mpeg file. Then I format a RAM in the E50 and put in my LG 4040 drive. I then transfer the VRO files to the RAM in the right directory. It will take about an hour.

Then put in E50 and press play.
If got this reply on the ULEAD Webboard:
Please do the followings.

1. Click on the the first button on the left-bottom of DVDMF and select Preference, or press F6.

2. Change GENERAL->TV SYSTEM to PAL/SECAM and then click on OK.

3. Then you should be able to create PAL projects.

Hope this helps.

H.T. Chien
Works perfectly for me now. Just to let you know.

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