Transfering SS Library to a 2nd computer?

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    I am wondering exactly what I need to do to transfer my SS Library off of my work computer and onto my fixed home laptop. I did a complete backup using the SS backup tool. When I restored this on my work computer (as part of my full SS3.3 reinstall, after the initial try froze & crashed), it did say it was checking authorization online at the beginning.

    So, I can copy over the backup folder, but what else do I need to do to authorize SS to restore my backup on my home laptop? Do I need to register the pc and/or DAP? No registration option came up in SS3.3 when transferring files. It used to come up with SS3.2.

    Or, do I have to copy over all of my actual music files and then import all of them into SS on my home computer? (Using the Scan Folder option.) I'm sure this option will involve a lot of 'cleaning up' of the results!

    Finally, when restoring my SS Library, all of the multidisc sets that I combined into single titles (e.g. a single album entry for Discs 1-2 of a double album set) are now stored in a single folder. (Pre-backup, they were ripped into separate folders and only combined in the My Library screen.) Is there a way to undo this? The index textfile in the SS backup folder seems to store the individual folder info, but restored the multidisc titles as single folders.

    I dunno, but I think I'm dreading this transfer... :(

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