Transfering files from old PC to new PC (advice please)

Veni Vidi Vici

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Hi all

I'm after some advive please. I currently have an old PC that I've have for about 5-6 years. I want to buy a laptop and was wondering how do I transfer all my files over. I have several thousand songs on my PC at present, as well as other stuff.

Whats the best way of transfering all the data over?



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The best way is to link the two over a USB, assuming they both have the same operating system and will talk to each other. (the XP wizard can normally take care of this)

Another option is to use a USB memory stick

Last resort is to burn onto CD/DVD, lol.

(I think the fastest is to link over an ethernet)


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Connect new and old PC to your router and setup a home network (In My Network and select Home and small office networking on both PC's), right mouse click the My Documants icon on the laptop and enable full sharing. Then just copy and paste from within explorer.


Or, assuming your PC has a network card, connect the PC to the laptop directly using a crossover cable, no router or hub required. Crossover cables are very cheap and can be bought from places like Maplin.

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