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How do I capture video onto a PC from a Video Machine - I dont have a camcorder to go through ! I have seen the Pinnacle DV Clip card which looks good, but how do I do it ?:)


Pinnacle DV Clip card is no good to you, thats for devices with ilink only. You need Pinnacle DC 10 plus, which is an analogue video capture card. you may also need a switchable scart to composite camcorder lead (scart plug on one end, three phono red, white & yellow plugs on the other) Cost about £150-

hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply Grimley - Darkest Essex ! Hrmphhh, used to live in Lawford myself (just outside Colchester, nr. Maningtree !).

OK, I think I probably knew that DV was not really going to do it - £150 is a bit over budget though. I have also seen a Swann EZY Capture Card (claims to be 'composite', whatever that means), seems to have phono plugs - Ebuyer code, 37828)

I really just want to be able to transfer stuff I have on Video to my PV and then either back to video or to a CD. (I say 'Just' but appreciated that this might be asking for the world !)

Obviously I would like to do it as cheaply as I can - do you think that the Swann card might do the job ? What is this phono lead stuff ? Will my videos be able to connect to them ? I have an Aiwa 4500 and an Aiwa 7700. Do these Phono things carry sound as well ? Can I send it back to the video after I have mucked around with it ?

Appreciate any help you can spare the time to give me.

Thanks, Regards.


Here's the good news.
This card is going to be ok for inputting from video to PC.
You'll have to open your PC case to put the card in (you'll have to earth yourself 1st, otherwise kiss your working PC goodbye! you can earth yourself by leaving the PC plugged in but not switched on & touch the PC case frame 15 mins after switching off the PC)

It doesn't say the leads you need are included with the card, but the leads you need are easy to get hold of, click
here & enter the product codes VA11M, you want 1 of these, KQ12N you want 1 of these.

If memory serves me well the aiwa 7700 video is nicam stereo.
if it is, it should have a red & white sockets on the back, these are audio output phono sockets, plug the the KQ12N into these & the other end into the sound card input of your PC. Audio part sorted.
This card will handle the video side, plug the VA11M into the scart socket (must be AV1 or EXT1) & the yellow plug (the other two are redundant) into the composite socket of the card.

Now the bad news!

you'll need a quick PC (the swann site reccommends min PIII or AMD Athlon 500MHZ or above, 256 meg ram, 40 gig hard drive with UDMA 66 or 100 & Win 98SE, I would agree the same spec or above as video editing is very dependent on high spec PC hardware)

According to the Swann site the kit includes video capture & editing software (ulead studio 5, basic but good for beginners)
but it doesn't say it includes it on the Ebuyer site, I'd check with Ebuyer if I were you.

Assuming this all goes OK so far, you need to output it back to the video or something else! If you have a CD rewriter & burning software to do it, you can burn the finished article onto CDR's or CD/RW's as Video CD which will play back in most modern DVD players or in PC's with CD rom's.
As for outputting back to the video, This card WON'T do that!
you need to buy a TV output card & plug the KQ12N into the sound card output of your PC then switch the VA11M from in to out.

There is also a possiblity of lipsynch problems as well (ive had that in the past)

If all else fails click Here for advice on anyone who's new to video editing.

Hope this helps & good luck should you decide to accept this mission! :p

By the way I live a bit further south than Colchester, though I deliver there on a daily basis as part of my Job.


Thanks for the extra info Grimley.

Would I be wrong in assuming the a card with an RF (?) input/output would do the job I need it to do ?

With the benefit of your comments I have been looking around at what is out there and I see several TV tuner type cards - like Pinnacle PCTV/PCI TV Text+capture+remote CrPf (Ebuyer code 34821) - I am imagining that I could connect a video to the RF socket and feed the signal into the tuner card and capture that on the PC ? Would you think that this might be possible ?

Again any further help much appreciated.



The card you are looking at will do a similar job to the swann card,
this time it will accept a TV aerial as well as the composite (that's the yellow plug I mentioned earlier)
The problem is - you still won't be able to output the edited article back onto videotape!
I've had a look & most of these types of cards are input only, which are useless to you unless you intend to burn the finished article onto CDR/CDRW as video CD.
Have a look at graphics cards with built in analogue input & output (VIVO for short), for example leadtek do a card called my VIVO product code 39092 or sapphire do one product code 40554 on ebuyer.

Hope this helps.

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