Transfer songs from Deezer to Amazon?


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I have noticed that Amazon have banned lots of companies from transfering your music to amazon music.

I have my account on deezer and my kids have their own profiles, so about 2500 songs in total.

I paid for Free your Music as it seems thats the only program that allows you to trasnfer music from deezer to amazon.

Lucky I got my £9.00 back as it only allowed me to transfer my music and then kept bringing up errors erverytime I went back into the app.

I downloaded the app on my desktop to see if that was better, but its a blank screen which is a joke.

Does anyone know how to trasnfer multiple accounts to Amazon Music?

I spoke with Amazon and they said I needed to do it from new, which would take weeks, and I could not spend that much time on my laptop due to a arm injury.

Anyone have any ideas on how to trasnfer a family account to amazon?

The only reason I want to do this is they are the only company that offer a Music HD/hifi for an extra £5.00, deezer wants me to spend another £14.99 if I want HiFi for myself which would be £30.00 in total.

It seems Spotify doesnt even offer HiFi music in the UK.


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Anyone know how I get 1800 songs from different accounts from deezer family to amazon?


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Can't you export/import your paylist? I had this option when going from amazon music to Spotify.


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You can leave amazon to go elsewere, but you cannot upload your music from spotify or deezer to amazon.. Stupid I know
They are happy to let you leave, but they dont want you joining to add your music.
I cant find a way to do it without adding them 1 by 1 which is not going to happen, it would take weeks of adding and lots of backache.

I was wondering if anyone managed to get their music onto Amazon, I tried the music section, but no one replied, so thought I would try the general chat

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