Transfer game data from old HDD to PS3 slim?


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Hi Folks

My old PS3 died and i've replaced it with a PS3 slim.

I have the HDD 320gb from the old machine with all of my game save data on it.

How can i get the data from the 320HDD onto the new PS3 slim?

I have read that its not as simple as just installing the old HDD into the new machine as the drive has to be reformatted and i'll lose the data.

I have the old HDD in a usb 2.5 SATA caddy, ready to go, there must be some way to do it, any idea's???




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when was the last time up saved (back up) all your data ?
if you have back it up recently , with a usb flash drive and external drive! you could restore the new one with that data ...
if you try to put the old hard drive into the new one , it will format the drive and wipe everything, as you know !!

off the top of my head i dont think you will get any data form the old hd ,unless it's in the old ps3 !!
how has the old died ? will it boot up or not ?
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