Transfer from Humax PVR-8000T to PC


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I have put the HDD from the 8000T into a USB disk caddy bought from Maplin's and plugged it into my Win2000 PC. The PC sees that the device is present but no drive appears in "My Computer". I have seen references to a utility called TDU but the links seem to be dead. If anyone has a wizard wheeze whereby I can transfer the recordings off the disk and burn them to DVD then I would be eternally grateful. Please accept my apologies if I have inadvertantly created a thread which has been addressed elewhere, I couldn't see one.


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Unfortunately the recordings are somehow held in a scrambled or encrypted state on the HDD on the 8000T. No one has figured how this is done, so there are no tools to extract them off the HDD.

(Unlike the 9200T where the recordings are not scrambled in anyway and are in MPEG2 TS format.)


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Has any more progress been made towards this?

I was just about to connect the hard disc of my 8000t up to my computer and try to use HumaxDisk to read the disk as I couldnt find anything that said it wouldn't work.

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