Transfer 25tb to new unraid server


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What have you found the fastest way to transfer large amounts of data to a new unraid server from a Windows 10 machine?
Torn between 10gbe network cards or something like krusader and hooking the drives up directly with USB or sata?
Advice welcome as thinking of dipping my toe into a new project.


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Hooking up drives directly would be your best bet. However, transfer rates from mechanical drives don't get much higher that 250MB/s, so you'll be maxing out at that. Given that you can hit 110MB/s over Gigabit ethernet, I'd settle for it taking about twice as long and use that.


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+1 - for a one time bulk transfer I wouldn't bother spending money on something unless it was a trivial sum - not the mention all the heartache of having to set up such a new "thing." Hook up gigabit ethernet, kick it off and leave it to get on with it for a few days.

I'd use something restartable like Robocopy (free from MS) to do the copying so if it does crap out half way, you can start it again and with the correct settings Robocopy can skip any files already done and pick up only the updates and stuff it hasn't done yet.

Rather like boiling kettles, often copies run quicker when you don't look at them. I had to do 10Gig over a 2mbps link some years ago, kicked it off Friday after closing time expecting it to take days and by the first time I checked in on progress on Saturday morning it had already finished.


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Just in case anyone is in similar and looking for speed.
I added an Asus xg-c100c to the host machine and the unraid server and direct connected via cat7.
Transfered at a sustained 950MBps.
I should add that is to nvme, not spinners (250MBps).
The mellanox cards via sfp+ seem the cards of choice, but I couldn't find them at the right money.
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