Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula Blu-ray Review & Comments


i think that was a good review and my score. i thought train to busan was THE film of Frightfest a few years back, really good film. i felt this sequal lacked the intensity of the original but it was still an enjoyable watch.


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Thanks for the review Cas, loved the the first one so will definitely watch this.

Nasir Saleem

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Movie is a total waste of time and money, avoid like the plague, bad cgi, bad acting, bad story and tried to cater to Hollywood instead of being decent like the first one


The film is atrocious, barely watchable, extremely poor on simply every level - hard to imagine how it was made after the excellent original.


regarding this style of zombies, are you all watching Kingdom? stonkingly entertaining.


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Not to cross the streams here but here's my random brain farts on this from the movies forum a week or so ago........

"Mad Max meets Escape from New York with fast zombies, told as a non-playable version of a recent Resident Evil videogame.

With no connection to the first film other than the zombie outbreak, after a fairly clunky 28 Weeks Later-ish prologue, we flash forward four years and a couple of Korean survivors are asked to go back to the now quarantined peninsula to steal a truck carrying $20m in cash. The first act goes to plan - wafer thin characters introduced, zombie rules established (blind at night, sensitive to sound, etc) and plot kicked into gear.......

.......before the second act tries to cram in too many influences: an Aliens-esque little girl who has more smarts than anyone, discovery of a crazy society of other survivors that get their kicks out of certain kinds of 'games' and the blatant signposting of the crazy third act. Finally, in the mad dash for safety, we get a Fury Road car chase, raining zombies and a look and feel that screams PS5 cut scene, before it disappears into a sea of cringeworthy 'emotional' endings.

It loses everything that made the first film so good - the cramped location forcing creative tension to be wrought time and time again, and the reduced roster of characters to enable the emotional beats to hit hard - and replaces it with lots of shiny, modern action horror tropes. There's nothing remotely scary about any of it, the zombies used to drive propulsive action and nothing else. And to be fair, it is fairly effective, especially in that crazed vehicular escape of the third act.

But it feels empty and soulless, with too many characters, influences and beats shoehorned in robbing us of any room to breathe or for the film to stop and let the tension of the situation start to grow. Its a decent, throw away watch but little else".


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I'm an absolute sucker for these type of films. Yes, it's nowhere near as good as 'Train to Busan' but I don't think it's trying to be. For me, this is a prime Friday night, few beers and a takeaway watch. Sometimes I don't want something too challenging - I just want to see two children driving an SUV through hordes of the undead like some unholy mashup of Mario Kart & Resident Evil.

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