Trade now or wait?


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Hi will put this topic in the ps4 section as well don't want no bias reaction so here goes
I have both this gen consoles and in two minds regarding tradeing one in now or wait closer to the new consoles are launching but I am worried regarding trade in price going down in a couple of months I will definitely trade in my bits and bobs ie kinect with games as they will obviously go down the longer I keep them sorry for the long rant
Any opinions guys?
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If anything you will get better trade in deals more near the time of launch. Places like game, hmv etc quite often do deals around the time of launch.


Depends on if you want to use them up until release really. Either you still want to play them up until the last minute or you can do without. The prices will only drop the longer you wait but there are normally trade in deals.

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E3 will be the game-changer for most myself I won't be a day 1 disappointed fan.
I'll wait until all features are available to the UK, rather than shell out £400 for a half utilised box
Someone on live asked me if im getting the Xbox ONE.
My response " I'd rather **** out razer blades than invest at this moment"


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I had decided previously to trade in my 360 for the One. However, now that I know it isn't backward compatible (or at least not yet) I intend to keep the 360 as there are loads of games I still have to play.

Will trade in my PS3 though...


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Surely all current gen consoles are at a price point where how much you can get for them at trade will be pretty negligible anyway? Depends if you are willing to give up your console 5 or 6 months early to save what, £30 maybe?


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I have a ps3 am waiting on the last of us and two souls and the console is going for both consoles :smashin: so mid summer for me..

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