Trackball mice good for HTPC use?


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I'm looking for a good Trackball mouse that is bluetooth-wireless, good rechargable battery life (charge via cradle perhaps?), and responsive.

I think a trackball would be more suitable in the living-room than a regular mouse for me: I could just have it sitting next to me on the sofa when in use and it wouldn't cause any damage to the sofa like a regular mouse may do.

I'm looking for a bluetooth model, not just RF as I need the larger range bluetooth offers. (I need a range of 5meters minimum).

I've already got an attractive wireless Apple bluetooth keyboard working in XP, so I'm not looking for a keyboard-mouse integrated solution.

I've seen a range of trackballs in the high-street stores - some with thumb-wheel and others with wheel for use with the index finger. Any ideas which are better?


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