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Briefly, I've been enduring the not too uncommon problem of noise from my neighbours. I have tried to communicate with them but they are of Eastern European origin and speak very little of our language. It would seem that the property next door has been chosen as the local congregation point for a large number of their friends. On Christmas Day we had to endure very loud music (accompanied by screaming, shouting, crashing around) from 10AM to 10PM, Boxing Day 11AM to around midnight, parties inbetween Christmas and New Year daily up until about midnight then what made me lose my Seasonal spirit was another New Year's Day party from around 11am to 2am (15 hours).

I have tried communicating but at best this has resulted in a temporary lull for an hour or two. It's not every night and I've tried my best to understand it is the 'party season' but frankly I'm dreading next Summer.

The property is a private rental and I've heard you can trace the owner of a property via the Land Registry. All the searches I've been doing on Google only take me to sites that want to charge c£16 for information. So my question is, is there not a free way of obtaining this information via local council records? And, how up-to-date would this information be? IE if the owner has moved address themselves would this only be reflected in the information held if the owner supply their new details? If I'm able to locate the owner (I know their first name so that's a start) I intend to fire off an anonymous letter advising them that this group of people are disrupting half the street and should this matter not be addressed that action may be taken against 'the owner's property' - unless this approach is a bit harsh? :rolleyes:


Not sure about contacting the owner of the property,but if they are making alot of noise and having parties maybe contact the local council or enviromental health department.I'm sure between them they will have some sort of noise/anti social department.

I had a similar problem at my old house,with a property at the rear of ours.Always having partys and loads of people around.The summer was worse as they never seem to go inside day or night :(


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According to the land registry website, it's not that much to search:
How do I find out who owns a property or piece of land (I don't know if it's registered)?
If the property can be identified by a single postal address, (for example, 23 Coniston Drive, Kerwick) you can use our Find a property service e-service which enables the download of title information for a £4.00 fee, payable by credit or debit card.
Try here: Land Registry - Knowledge Base

If the owners live abroad this might not help - I own a couple of properties in the UK which are rented out (via a management compnay rather than privately) but I'd be surprised if they had German contact details for me.

Maybe if it's a recent rental the owners would still be listed on the electoral roll? I think you still need to pay to search it but from what I recall it's less than a fiver.


they can get warnings and after a few they have the right to remove the equipment that causing the loud music
Contact your council and get the noise abatement team involved, and they should subsequently be able to track down the registered owner of the property through council tax records.

I hope that helps.

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