Trace Elliott Club Evolution 2?



Hey guys, hope this is relevant here - its been nagging me for a while now, I do some work with the sound techs at my school, and I set up studios, run live shows and work on the installation - but after some digging around under the stage I uncovered some fairly large installation cabinets, floor standing single 15" bass bins (with a second cutout for another cone) and a pair of head units with I think 8" mids and piezo tweeters. They're Trace Elliott, and are really nice sounding speakers from our previous system before we got some new Martin Audio WS219s and F12s to update. I just can't find any information about these Traces at all, not on the website or anything. Just interested to know value, initial price and all that sort of thing as there is absolutely nothing anywhere else :confused:
sorry if I sound a bit of a newbie (cos I am :D) but I'm gonna start re-soldering the parts that have been removed and cleaning them up and I just wanna know some history :)
Will W

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