Tps issues with panasonic warranty


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Hello guys i purchased a 58dx750 from tps 3 years ago, tv suddenly died this morning 13 blinking red lights on start up, i contacted them today and receipt says 5yr warranty on it, but they are saying they would have sent me an email weeks after purchase for me to fill a form and return it back to them and because they didnt recieve it back, my warranty is void and wouldnt help, any ideas guys i know they have lots of good reviews and read these these posts and help would be appreciated cheers


Speak to Panasonic customer services and explain the situation that there was some confusion between yourselves and the retailer regarding the registration of the warranty, they may allow you to retroactively register the warranty and send you a warranty certificate (this is important).

13 flashes on that TV means that Main PCB has caked it, so that requires replacement which to be honest even if you have to pay for it doing isn't usually an expensive job.
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