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Hey guys, when I first moved into our 3 bedroom home, I ran 3 ethernet cables upstairs from living room router to provide internet to each bedroom, I then purchased 3x TPLink 8 Port Network Hubs, one for each room, so each room had enough ports for devices....I prefer hard wired to WIFI if that wasn't clear yet lol.

Now were decorating the hallway soon, and I am wondering, currently each of the 3 Hubs upstairs are directly connected to the router via Ethernet, can I completely abandon 2 of these cables and simply run 1x cable upstairs from the router to one of the Hubs, and then connect that Hub to the next, and so on??

It simply means I would only need 1 cable running upstairs for ALL upstairs wired internet, as opposed to 3 (more messy). Will this work ok? My brains telling me it's essentially whats happening now anyways only via a different route of connections (from router).


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The simple answer is yes. There are maximum bandwidth considerations as your connection topology has changed, but assuming all your switches (I'm assuming that they are switches and not hubs) are gigabit and your router had gigabit ports I don't think you'll notice any difference.


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For completeness: The only hard and fast "rule" for ethernet topology is that you must not create any "loops" (as described, you will not.) If you create a loop in an ethernet, the network will very quickly fill up with endlessly circling broadcast traffic which will quite literally create gridlock preventing other traffic getting through.


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The main advantage of what you have done is removed some single points of failure so if the "central" upstairs switch dies or the cable upstairs gets damaged then you are not going to lose the other two upstairs rooms internet. But to be honest for home usage what you are proposing is fine.

There are some bandwidth considerations but again for home use you won't hit those issues.

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