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Hi, I have just bought a pair of a TP Link AV 600 power line adaptors. I have plugged them in and after they have synced I connected one to my Sky Router SR 102. The other end is connected to a Yamaha Musiccast WX-021 speaker. All I get is 'The sound of silence'.

Things tried:- Reset powerline adaptors, power Yamaha on and off, move powerline adaptors to computer room and plug into adjacent sockets.
I should add that they have always synced and display all three green lights. (Power, Powerline Sync and Ethernet). They give no indication of not working correctly but they are not passing traffic.

If I connect the Yamaha, by ethernet cable, directly to the SR 102 Router then all is fine.

I thought that these Powerline adaptors would be transparent to the ethernet signal. If I enter the Musiccast ip address my PC (Mac) is unable to access the Yamaha speaker. Understandably!

Also the wi-fi provision on the Musiccast has been turned off as its signal in my wife's sewing room is not reliable and I wanted to force the speaker to only look for an input via its ethernet port.

Thank you in advance



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I wouldn't get hung up on the language of various types of "signal" - data networking technologies all operate using different transmissions mediums (copper wires, radio spectrum, etc.) and use different techniques to modulate data onto the transmission medium. Each "hop" in a data network functions independently of al the others - so HP's aren't magically conveying "ethernet signal," HP's are doing "something else."

What is transparent to all these technologies is the data which is bounced from hop to hop constantly being transformed from one transmission medium to another as it goes. Luckily, from the viewpoint of users, we don't need to worry about how any of this works, we just need to determine whether it does (or not.)

Your symptoms suggest that the HomePlugs aren't talking to each other. Is there any information in the management platform for the plugs (IIRC HP's call this "cockpit) that indicated whether think they are working or not.

You could try pinging some devices either side of the lnk and see if they are answering, but that's only going to tell you whether the data transport is working or not, if not it won't tell you why not.

I don't use HP's, but from memory a diagnostic test often advocated is to plug them into a double socket adjacent to each other and see if they come up - the double socket giving the "best" chance of working.

Again fro memory, it's advised not to use them in trailing extension leads, esp. if such leaads have HF filters of similar power conditioning devices built into them (such things are beloved by audiophiles.)

I'd also check the encryption to ensure the plugs are all working of the same encryption key (or try turning it off temporarily and see if they work - but be warned that so doing makes it possible for your data to leave your home and potentially be eavesdropped by the neighbours - sounds crazy, but we've seen it happen.)

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mushii. No, when the powerline is in use it doesn't see it but when directly connected (and working) it does and everything is then normal.

mickevh. pinging the music cast when directly connected does work but does not work but when connected via the powerline.
In my opinion I think your are correct - they are not talking to each other in-spite of all the lights saying otherwise. I have also carried out the 'press ethernet button for >6seconds to force a reset. All to no avail.
Oh and they plugged into the mains on adjacent sockets - hopefully no interference.
I am going to take them for a walk and we "might" just pass by my techy son's house where they will be left on his doorstep!!!!

Thanks both. I'll let you know what transpires.


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Easiest way to see if they are working is use them to connect your mac to your router. If the mac doesnt connect to the router then it is the powerlines.

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Sorted - sort of. Apparently they do work but are dropping an awful lot of packets. This could, I suppose, be either a fault or very noisy mains. Who knows. Anyway they are on their way back to Amazon.

I have been looking at a Netgear pl1000-100uks but own reading the reviews it would appear that they will shut down when not in use and according to one reviewer they do not start up when they are next needed. Evidently they have to be manually started by unplugging and then plugging in again. That will go down well with my wife as its for her music whilst sewing our isolation away.

I can see me running a long flat ethernet cable with all the "fun" that will bring. No matter it will keep me fit and busy.

Thanks for your prompt and helpful responses.


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