I just purchased my first set of Bluetooth earbuds (Tozo T12). Does anyone else notice a spinning/ buzzing sound whenever any activity is occurring? They are completely silent when you are idle but if you touch a button on your phone or open something on the computer it seems to cause the earbuds to "activate" which is when I can hear the spinning/buzzing. Also, if I'm playing audio and turn the volume all the way down I can still hear the spinning/buzzing. If I close out of everything and go "idle" it stops within a few seconds as if the earbuds went into sleep mode. Is this spinning/buzzing sound normal for Bluetooth earbuds? If not, is there a way to fix this?


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Is there a wired mode option? If yes and not repeated in wired mode then could suggest the wireless circuitry

Could also be some kind of interference with the Bluetooth device, maybe try another Bluetooth source


By wired mode do you mean where you can plug a wire into the earbuds? If so then no. They are completely wireless.

I've tried both my cell phone and laptop and the noise buzzing issue occurs with both devices. Also, the problem is in both earbuds. Again, this is my first set of Bluetooth earbuds so I'm not sure if this is just how it is with wireless earbuds. It sounds like I can hear the internals of these things functioning when they're active.

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