ToysRUS £1099.99 PC - what do you think?


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It looks expensive for what it is. It doesn't mention the type of memory but I'd advise at least 1GB anyhow if your video editing. The graphics card isn't the best you could get but it'll run most things maxed out but i'd prefer an ati card.

just my 2p:)


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Dont bother with that PC.

have a look at the special offer page, if you have an Aldi nearby, the pc they are selling is very good value.

Also have a look at Dells website, They sometimes do some good special offers. But they are a night mare to update in the future, because they use their own custom bits. So you pay 3x the amount for the same component.

Mesh computers are quite good too.

But if it was my £1100, I would build my own pc. But if you need all the software provided with the pc packages, This would not be a good option.

edit/ I forgot to tell you.
DO NOT buy the pc, just because it has the latest most fastest CPU out of the lot. Because thats the only thing you are paying for. That 3.4GHz CPU costs about £400. and a 3Ghz cost about £150. But the difference will be so marginal, even an enthusiast would be able to tell.
So above 2Ghz would be perfectly sufficient for any application on the market today.
Dont listen to the sales man when he says to you that you need the fastest, because it will last you the longest. That is not true.


Build your own to do what you want it to do not what somebody else in a shop thinks you might like to do !!!

Dabs or Scan are good reliable suppliers.

Good luck !

edit: oh and Dabs are Lancashire to boot.


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try good prices for their base models and they will give you a price for building to your spec. they did my last one cheaper than I could have built it using their parts (which their prices are good on). they're based near strangeways manchester.

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