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Dec 8, 2005
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For those in the Northamptonshire area who are after one....

I have just been into Toys 'R' Us in Northampton and they expecting stock in this evening which will be sold on a first come, first served basis when the store opens at 8am tomorrow (Saturday).

Unfortunately they couldn't tell me how many they were getting in, so if anyone is interested it might be worth phoning them this evening to see if they can confirm numbers (i believe they are open until 10pm). Their number is 01604 230820.

Hope this is useful to someone. :thumbsup:

Good luck :)
I queued up there last week on Thursdaynight/Friday morning at 4am to get one!!! never again, it was bloody cold!!!
having spoken to all my local TRU etc the manager of the warrington brach said they will be getting a batch in tomorrow(well they have them today but wont sell till tomorrow!) open from 8 no preorder.

They said they will have more than on launch day too!!
Does anyone know if you can just buy the console in-store or do you have to buy a bundle?

every TRU will have 40(ish)

wont last long tho, huge advert in every national newspaper

be prepared to camp, people are already waiting outside TRU brighton
With all the Toys R Us threads about stock coming in tomorrow, lets make a thread naming which stores we know will have stock and what time they shall be opening, that way people can find which store is getting stock easier.
Ive heard they need to be brought in bundles:
Warrington (40) 8am
Brighton (40) 8am
Northampton (?) 8am
Wakefield (?) 8am
Looks like most stores are goin to have them, but some will have more than others,
For birmingham i recommend the new merry hill store as they are (appanantly) getting 90 in for tomorrow morning, so your best bet is there.
brighton.. 40 wii's from 8am, people already hanging around outside
looks like this is going to be nationwide then. cant believe people are queueing already.
Just spoken to the manager. They've already gone to the pre orders
brighton.. 40 wii's from 8am, people already hanging around outside

What, people waiting today for Wii's on sale tomorrow?!?
I was planning on getting to a store around 7:30am. Maybe that's too late then. Never done anything like this before. Must remember to take my DS to pass the time... :)
brighton.. 40 wii's from 8am, people already hanging around outside

Are people just stupid? It's a console f fs - its not crack or a cure for aids.

I just fail to see the big deal - I have one, its not that good. Stay in bed and have a rest :D
any store in essex or south east london
anyone wanna meet up with me try get a wii together? i'm in billeircay can meet stratford or anywhere south east london
I've just been into my local TRU, and overheard the bloke with a tie on near the displays evidently talking to a similar manager at another store "they're all going out on the floor and they'll all be gone by half eight".

A clipboard was also handily on display with today's internal memo about Wii Super Saturday at Toys R Us - new bundles on sale, which might mean you can buy it without some of the less than enticing games in the other bundles. No idea how many they're going to have.

Didn't look like there were any campers in the area, but it is Solihull.

They're also expecting to sell a lot of DS's too as that stock is also being replenished.

Might have to get up early tomorrow and not rock out too hard tonight at Tenacious D!
brighton.. 40 wii's from 8am, people already hanging around outside

:eek: :laugh: I know things can hit fever pitch, but you've got to be seriously mad to consider forming a queue now with over 18 hours before opening time.
brighton.. 40 wii's from 8am, people already hanging around outside

No fecking way! Was planning on going down tomorrow morning at about 5 or 6. Hardly see the point now

I got there at 6 on launch day and was 3rd in the queue!! I don't understand it

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