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Jul 23, 2005
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Just taken delivery of my new company car a Toyota Prius Excel, how do I connect the Wi-Fi?

In my previous car, same model, I just used to connect my personal hotspot on my phone to the car.

I can do the same on this one, but it forgets the network whenever the engine is off, whereas the old one would remember and connect automatically. I don’t want to have to input the password every time I switch the engine on!

Also in the little compartment between the front seats there what seems to be some sort of Wi-Fi thing, basically a black box with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth symbols on it a couple of lights.

In the Wi-Fi list on the car it comes up as something like “in car hotspot or something” but it requires a password to join, can’t find anything with a password anywhere. Although on the box it says “key” I think with a string of numbers, is that likely to be it?

If it is, I presume you’d have to pay for it somehow?

I’d be happy to just use my phone hotspot if I could just get it to connect automatically each time.

Any ideas?
WiFi details should be under Settings - WiFi in the main display unit. You might need to activate the WiFi through Toyota website to register the SIM in your car.

Not sure how Toyota work but my Ford WiFi is free for 3 months / 3 GB and then you buy data bundle via Vodafone which is currently £11 for 2GB or £20 for 15GB so almost certainly cheaper to use your phone hotspot.

There is a separate fee for the connection to be mobile app but that is free for 2 years and then I think continues to be free if you have your servicing done at a Ford dealership or its £3.99 a month.
Thanks. I found the name of the WiFi, but the password is starred out. I'm sure there must be a "show characters" option somewhere.

There's a MyToyota app that I'd added my previous car to. I seem to recall that there was only a limited amount of stuff I could do with it, becuase they wanted some info which was on the log book or something, which I didn't have access to, as it was a leased company car.

I'll be happy to just coonect via my phone hotspot, if I can just find a way for it to log in automatically each time, without having to type the password each time.

Just remembered when I was fiddling this morning, I saw something new pop up in my iPhone settings PAN Ethernet, never seen that before, assume that must be something to do with the wifi box?
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Its an American video but instructions should be similar to UK

Don't know how Toyota app works but various other ones I've seen are tied to VIN number which should be on a plate by the door. Mine Ford app even has the ability to scan the plate so no need to type it in.
No good unfortunately :(

Managed to sign up for the Toyota app and connected to online services but part of the setup in the app once I add my vehicle requires the app to connect to the car which just doesn’t happen, even with the car connected to my phone hotspot.

The Wi-Fi hotspot box will not connect to the Nav thing because I don’t know the password.

Very frustrating! I just switch the box off and forget it was there if I good get the damn console to remember it’s been connected to my phone hotspot before and just auto join, like it did on my previous Prius.
It's possible the car and phone are fighting as to who is in control of the Wi-Fi. There must be a way of finding out the password so you can either connect to it or perhaps switch it off.
You would think there’d be a sticker or a card or something with the Wi-Fi password, but nothing!

I’ve been in touch with the dealer it came from to see if they’ve go any ideas.

The plot thickens though. Despite seemingly not finishing the connection setup on the MyToyota app, the app can still show me where my car is parked.

Not only that, in the Nav screen, I can call up local weather, parking with princes and petrol stations not sure about petrol prices. So does that suggest that there is some sort of internet connection or can that sort of info come via GPS?
Sounds like your car is connected to the internet, it's just not letting anything else join in. Our Nissan Leaf was like that, it connected to the internet and we could see it via it's app and a web page and it was all paid for by Nissan, presumably if we'd kept it longer than the 3 years we'd have had to pay up at some point. (No Wi-Fi but it wasn't supposed to have that).
Managed to find a Toyota Hotspot Quick Start guide, it mentions steady blue and green lights which are both on, so it seems to be connected to something.

I’ve seen a lot of talk about an older version with 2G/3G that looks slightly different to the box in mine and vague mentions of a newer version coming out with 4G from a year or so ago, so maybe I have a newer version? Who knows?

I’ll see if the dealer can shed any light on it.

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