Tower or 5.1 Speakers for an oddly shaped room

Discussion in 'What Speakers Should I Buy?' started by gunner007, Feb 20, 2013.

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    Let me start off by saying I'm by no means an expert in any of this :)

    Here's my room layout. Fear my amazing MSPaint skill. (sorry for the rough diagram)

    As you can tell there really isn't much room for the TV except against the rear wall. There is room if I move the sofa against the sliding glass door, but it's over 18 feet away from the television so not sure if that has a huge effect on the sound.

    Currently the sofa is turned 90 degrees turned from the TV. For the last couple of years I've been using my old Onkyo 5.1 AV (old AV unit from god knows when. All I know is it has only AV inputs, so that gives you an idea on it's age). I've had the 2 fronts sitting next to the TV, the center in front of the TV, and the rears mounted up behind the couch. The system works fine but since I invested in a nice TV and my 100 devices, I would like to pair it with good audio. I'm also thrilled of running a single HDMI cable to my TV instead of the 400 wires back there right now.

    I'm looking to upgrade the system and saw a couple specials in the paper.

    Here's the receiver: Onkyo HT-RC460 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver (Black): Electronics

    Right now I have no use for the 7.2 as I don't think I really have the speaker room for 2 more, but at the price point, it allows me to expand later down the road. I have the ports mapped out as I have lots of devices connected. (Several game systems, streaming media box, etc..) That's the main point of the AV is that it has enough inputs for all devices.

    My question to you experts is, am I better off just getting tower speakers and setting them next to the TV, or would I still be better off using my old 5.1 speakers or getting a new 5.1 setup? I feel the 5.1 might be better for the surround sound, but I have a feeling my room layout may be hindering it or making it worthless in the long run. Or maybe hybridize the tower speakers and complement with a center/rear/sub?

    As far as tower speakers go, these were what I was looking at. JBL ES80BK 3-Way, Dual 6 1/2" Floorstanding Speaker - Black: Electronics

    Any thoughts or input is appreciated. If you need more information, I'll gladly provide it, as again, I probably left out something important.

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