Tough to find. 17 - 23" with built in freeview


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I am desperate to find a portable 19" widescreen LCD with built in freeview digital.

I would rather avoid these cheap unknown brands as they tend to have really bad remotes and system controls.

I would consider a 17", or even a 23" (if it is small and light for a 23")

The Samsungs would be perfect as they look great and are much smaller and lighter in weight than any others (no stupidly large speaker surrounds). But they don't have built in freeview (as far as I know)

Any ideas?

Much appreciated


Sony produce a 20" widescreen HD Ready LCD TV with Freeview (KDL-20S2020) but it is relatively expensive. (About the same cost as the 26" model.)


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I will check the Sony out.

Re: freeview box, its not really the price but the hastle of yet_another plug socket and wire to deal with, and then having to move it around with the TV (its going to be portable)



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Bought my dad a Toshiba 20WLT56 last week, great little picture, not strictly HD ready but is widescreen, has a hi-res screen with VGA PC input, component, scart, s-video etc.

No HDMI or DVI to make it "HD Ready" but otherwise fully specced and cost £377 delivered from Dixons online.

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